Specialist Doors

NVM Solutions can provide the perfect solution to any access requirement and for any environment. We offer a range of specialist doors that give our clients the confidence they need to know any project requirement can be fulfilled.

Options include Cold Store Doors, Blast Proof Doors, Sub-Station Doors and Louvres Doors whilst our Hermetic Doors can be supplied into any medical or scientific location where prevention of contamination is absolute.

Cold Store Doors

Cold Store Doors are available as a High Speed Insulated Door or an Insulated Metal Sliding door depending on the confined temperature.

High Speed Doors are supplied with an Insulated curtain up to 1300gms / m² and available with heated outer frames and thresholds that prevent the build-up of ice and heat transference. Operating speeds of up to 1.8m / sec ensure cold loss is minimal even when traffic use is high. Insulated Doors can be interlocked to create an air lock which further reduces heat transference.

Blast Proof Doors

Our Blast Proof Doors are tested and manufactured to EN13541:2012 and subsequent EN 13123 – EN 13124 Standards and designed to be used in areas where risk of explosion is high, such as Petro-chemical and Gas Industries, and areas where security is paramount such as Military installations.

Blast Proof Doors can be supplied with a range of Access Control functions including Bio-metrics, Keypads and Swipe Cards and Secure Wi-Fi. Safety Control is usually limited to Light Barriers and Photocells, whilst most Alarm systems can be synchronised.

Hermetic Doors

Our Hermetic Doors can be installed into any Medical or Clean Room facility where contamination prevention, both Inward and Outward bound, is fundamental. Our Hermetic Doors comply to EN 12207 Class 4 and EN 16005 and offer a restriction in air flow that prevents the transference of bacteria or other air bourn particles.

Access Control can be via Proximity Sensors or Bio-Metrics eradicating the need for physical contact with the door whilst synchronisation with alarm systems is available.

Sub-Station and Louvre Doors

Can be solid Panels or fitted with Security Louvers to allow airflow that reduces a build-up of heat within the sub-station. Louvers can be Full Panels, Half Panels or Quarter Panels and are available with Insect Mesh to prevent swarm contamination.

Our Sub-Station Doors are perfect for Electrical Sub-Stations where a high level of security is required for the protection of the public and where there is a risk of death.

High Security Locks compliment the anti-tamper lock housing, whilst twin skinned steel doors with High Density, Fire Retardant Infill offer the highest protection available to the sub-station available.

Security Grilles

Security Grilles can be supplied for Internal or External Installation and in a range of finishes and materials. Our Cantilever retractable Window Grilles offer an ideal solution to any office environment when a visible deterrent is desired whilst not imposing on the aesthetic working environment of the office.

Our Heavy Duty Steel Grilles can be installed onto Walls and in front doors and windows as an additional security product in areas where incidents of vandalism and burglary are high.

Steel Grilles are invariably installed as a permanent fixture or hinged to allow access as via a doorway. Locking is simplistic with Heavy Duty Security Padlocks protected by an anti-vandal Lock Housing are the popular choice.

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